What if there was a way to improve home exercise compliance using a platform that incorporates dynamic interaction of the child's somatosensory, visual, and vestibular system, as well as, provides novel experiences that lead to neuroplastic changes and better functional outcomes? This is what Viribus offers. Our platform enables therapists (physical, speech and occupational) to gather data regarding the child's postural-enhancement performance, compliance, response to a given exercise prescription. Therapists can modify the home exercise program remotely and maintain better partnership with adult family members and the patient.


The Viribus VR platform is designed not only for people with disabilities, but also their therapists. From the very beginning, our team (which includes four physical therapists) wanted to help our colleagues improve patients outcomes.


First, we want the VR games to be fun, which will lead to increased repetitions. This element is necessary to facilitate neuroplastic changes.  Next, we’re developing a platform to collect reliable, clinically-relevant data transmitted directly to therapists through a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based server.


The next step is to put this data into a clinical format with interpretive parameters providing an accurate portrait of patient performance. Therapists can adjust game parameters including level of difficulty, all remotely.



Finally, Viribus is committed to developing a vast library of fully-immersive games addressing a variety of movement impairments across diagnostic groups. This “virtual pharmacy” will give therapists the tools they need to prescribe specific VR games to their patients.



Join our effort to create a groundbreaking product for home therapy that will improve the quality of life for millions of children and their families in your neighborhood and around the world.


28 NE 28th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Tel: 405-429-4031

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