Do you have a child with Cerebral Palsy or other developmental disability? Then ask yourself this question: how different would life be if your child LOVED home therapy?  What if they did it every day without any coercion whatsoever? Certainly, it would make your life easier, and consider the difference it could make for your child.  If vigorous home therapy happens every day, benchmarks get met, progress is made, strength and mobility are increased, quality of life is improved. Your child is in a therapy program to accomplish these goals...Viribus can help them get there.



The Viribus VR platform uses a virtual reality headset wirelessly connected to a sensor suit. This hardware is synched with immersive 360 game environments encouraging therapy repetitions through gameplay. Our initial games will address postural control with additional impairments added in time. The system not only “gamifies” therapy but does so in a VR environment, “tricking” the brain into believing it can do things impossible in the physical world.  Along the way, this encourages neuroplasticity (rewiring of the brain). The combination of daily therapy reps with VR’s rewiring capabilities may very well bring a revolution in home therapy.




Connect your child to the future of home therapy. Provide your contact information in the form and we will keep you updated on research progress, product availability, and more.


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