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Polyester, spandex, lycra

Yes, the suit is machine washable and should be washed at least once a week. Make sure to remove sensors before washing.

Yes, the suit is available in a variety of sizes.

No, the sensors will work on any sized suit. If a new suit is needed for any reason (outgrown, damaged, etc.), a new suit can be purchased from the Viribus website.

No, they are not built into the suit. They are removable and attached using “hook-and-loop fasteners”, which allows for different configurations. The sensors can (and should) be removed when washing the suit and charging the sensors.

Yes, the suit can be worn over some degree of clothing. However, it is designed to fit snugly, so no bulky clothing should be worn under the suit. A t-shirt is best for wearing under the suit.

The suit is tight fitting, but will not provide compression in the same way a compression suit might. The polyester, spandex, lycra blend provides a comfortable form-fitting material.

The polyester, spandex, lycra blend provides a lightweight breathable material. However, the child may become hot when exercising vigorously. Regular breaks are recommended for this reason.

As of now, the Viribus VR system is designed to be used with one child per suit & system so that data is tracked accurately for therapy progress.


The VR headset is included in the purchase price.

The Viribus VR system and games are designed specifically to work on Oculus Go headset. Therefore, an Oculus Go is required to use the system.

Yes, the headset must be charged with its own (included) charger independently of the sensors. The headset controller also uses its own battery, which must be replaced separately from the suit or sensors.

In some instances the headset can produce motion sickness. Every person is different and it will affect people differently. However, with practice and gradual acclimation, most people can become comfortable using the headset without motion sickness.

The headset weighs 16.5 ounces (approx 1 lb) and can, in some instances, serve as a form of therapy in itself. Patients will use neck muscles to hold their head upright while wearing the headset, creating mild resistance and building strength.

We recommend wearing the VR system no longer than thirty minutes per session. We also recommend building up to this duration by starting with shorter play periods to provide for motion acclimation.

Please call Viribus VR customer support with any issues involving the Viribus VR system.

Only the user of the headset can see exactly what’s happening in the games. However, parents/therapists can see which game is being played, manage settings and navigate menu options from the Viribus VR mobile app.

The headset lenses are adjustable to compensate for some degree of nearsighted and farsightedness. Glasses can also be worn in conjunction with the headset.


Viribus VR includes six (6) sensors.

No, the sensors are removable and attached using “hook-and-loop fasteners”, which allows for different configurations.

Sensors are charged by removing them from the suit and placing them into the included charging station. The Viribus VR hub station must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

No, the sensors remain cool to the touch.

No, the sensors are not waterproof and should be stored in a temperature-controlled dry environment.

The sensors do not have power switches. Rather, the Viribus VR app will automatically activate the sensors when a session is about to begin.

The sensors are wirelessly synced to the headset.

Yes, the sensors and the suit are color-coded. Each sensor contains an LED light color. When placing the sensors on the suit, match the sensor LED color on the corresponding suit spot. For example, the red LED sensor light should be placed in the red circle on the suit.

Each game has a specific sensor configuration to accurately track user movement. The sensors will be placed differently depending on the game.

Using inertial measurement units (IMU) technology. This combines triaxial gyroscopes and triaxial accelerometers  with an inertial monitor to detect changes in body position.

Sensors are designed for 3-5 hours of continuous gameplay. If a child did approximately 30 minutes of therapy per day, the sensors would need recharging about once a week.

Each Viribus game may require a different sensor configuration. Some games require use of all six sensors while others require less, depending on the movement being addressed.

Please call Viribus VR customer service with any issues regarding system issues. If a sensor is determined to be faulty, a replacement sensor will be sent at no charge. If the sensor was damaged by the user, a new sensor can be purchased from the Viribus website.


The hub is the “communicator” between the sensors, the VR headset, the app and the therapist website. It also serves as a charging station for the six sensors.

While the hub communicates between the sensors and headset via Bluetooth and radio frequency, it does need WIFI to send data to the therapist portal and the mobile app. For this reason, the system will not function without WIFI connection.

Please contact Viribus VR customer support for any issues with the system. If the hub is faulty, it will be replaced at no charge to the user. If it is damaged or broken by the user, it can be purchased ale carte from the Viribus website.


The app serves as a second user interface, allowing for a parent/therapist to help navigate menus, monitor what game is being played, etc. The parent/therapist can also use the app to take positional snapshots, utilized by the system to establish benchmarks for gameplay. The app also activates the sensors and coordinates their location on the suit.

Yes, the app requires WiFi in order to communicate with the hub.

Therapist Website Portal

The portal is a dashboard for the therapist, delivered via a secure website. It provides information about gameplay, progress, and offers the therapist the ability to make adjustments to game parameters remotely.

The Viribus hub collects and sends information to the portal website in packages, whenever connected to WIFI.

Yes, the portal meets HIPAA compliance and security standards and can safely be used by the therapist to monitor and adjust patient progress.