Viribus VR Labs is a company dedicated to helping people with disabilities and their therapists. By creating a unique platform of fully immersive virtual reality games wirelessly connected to a sensor suit, Viribus makes performing home therapy programs fun! When it’s fun, more gets done...and that makes movements stronger and more controlled. Through a process called “neuroplasticity” new brain connections are formed, improving functional pathways and  facilitating better therapy results.

Anyone with a movement disorder, decreased movement, weakness, and/or poor postural control may potentially benefit from the Viribus VR platform.  Initial Viribus games are being designed to improve postural control in children with cerebral palsy. As the game library grows, additional modalities, conditions and age groups will be addressed.  Through the platform, physical and occupational therapists can gather data regarding performance and home exercise compliance of their patients, allowing them to monitor and adjust difficulty for each patient’s needs.

Viribus VR Labs seeks to improve movement outcomes by partnering with therapists to increase patient compliance. By gamifying a data-rich platform analyzing patient performance, Viribus allows therapists to monitor their patients remotely AND adjust settings. Our team is committed to offering an affordable product with the greatest accessibility possible. We’re committed to being advocates for and fostering community among people with disabilities.

Want one?

Viribus is currently building a waiting list of potential customers to receive the first units when they become available in 2019.  Sign-up today and be among the first families to revolutionize home therapy.



Viribus is currently looking for families and therapists interested in assisting with product research. Click the links below to learn more.


28 NE 28th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Tel: 405-429-4031

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