Viribus VR Labs

Virtual Reality for Kids With
Cerebral Palsy

an at-home exercise system designed to increase mobility
in elementary to high school age youth

Bob Eskew - Viribus VR Labs

Hi, I'm Bob

Co-Founder & CEO

I am a Pediatric Physical Therapist with Cerebral Palsy
and I want to see children with CP Thrive THROUGHOUT THEIR LIVES. That's why I created Viribus, the first affordable exercise system designed to get kids moving in their homes.

Viribus VR Labs

"Viribus" is Strength

Latin: strength
Latin: paralysis

Using the latest advances in virtual reality technology,
Viribus VR pushes back against cerebral palsy

This affordable at-home exercise system includes a VR headset and a wireless sensor suit that measures intricate movements of the body and spine, transforming the body into a game controller.

It’s not complicated, everything is wirelessly connected and driven by a parent-friendly app… getting your child into the games – and their exercises – quicker.

Viribus VR is created by physical therapists because we know how challenging it can be to keep kids consistent with at-home exercise regimens.

VR Kid - Viribus VR Labs
Viribus VR Labs

When It's Fun,
More Gets Done

Spaceship - Viribus VR Labs
Dragon - Viribus VR

Virtual Reality Games Designed for Kids
with Cerebral Palsy

“Exer-tainment” uses gamification to excite, motivate and encourage kids… masking home-exercise regimens with fun. When it’s fun, more gets done.. and repetition can make muscles stronger and more controlled.

Why virtual reality? A growing body of research indicates VR married with physical repetition can accelerate the brain’s ability to rewire itself (neuroplasticity).

Dragon - Viribus VR
Spaceship - Viribus VR Labs

A growing library of games to address a growing number of needs.
From posture control and upper extremities, to muscle memory and strength building, Viribus VR games become an ever-expanding exercise tool.

Viribus VR Labs

Putting the
Therapist Back in
Home Therapy

tony matthews - Viribus VR

Hi, I'm Tony


As a Physical Therapist, I would love to have more control over home exercise compliance. We built Viribus VR with that in mind.


Viribus VR is designed to address the significant pain point for most therapists: home exercise compliance.


  • Simple & secure therapist portal with app for patients.
  • At-home remote monitoring 24/7
  • Track patient progress remotely
  • Remotely adjust difficulty for continued improvement

Value-Added Functionality:

  • Provides therapists more control over home exercises
  • Empowers therapists to get better results
  • Can be used in the clinic or in the home
  • Families can order it directly or from therapist.
Viribus VR Labs

Parent Pain Points

Bob Eskew - Viribus VR Labs

It's hard to expect kids to stay motivated When they AREN'T HAVING FUN. Let's change that.


Pain Points

Power Points

  • The daily exercise routine is time-consuming
  • Pushing the body is difficult
  • The ongoing fight with your child is exhausting
  • CP exercise technology is expensive & limited
  • New tech can be complicated & frustrating
  • Viribus VR helps self-direct exercise routines
  • Viribus VR games help distract kids from the work
  • Imagine you child asking, “When can I do my exercises again?”
  • Viribus VR is intentionally designed to be as affordable as possible
  • Viribus VR is easy to setup & ready to play in about 5 minutes